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How To Dive Safely With The Sharks

Tuesday, July 19th, 2011

Swimming with sharks can be done with relative safety, assuming you follow a few basic principles, and understand a bit of shark psychology.

First off, never swim with sharks alone. You should have someone in the water with you, as well as someone on board the boat. Make sure you have the ability to radio for help.

Avoid swimming at dawn or dusk, since this is when sharks are most likely to be feeding. Also, avoid murky water. Not only is it harder for you to see an approaching shark, (more…)

Looking Up From The Depths Of The Great Blue

Monday, July 18th, 2011

Few activities are as thrilling as SCUBA diving. Breathing underwater and becoming a part of the marine environment is a great way to spend the day. SCUBA diving is easy to learn. Many cities have SCUBA diving schools that can teach you the skills in an indoor pool. If you live near the ocean or if you will be vacationing near the ocean there are many dive shops that offer SCUBA lessons and certification.

SCUBA course can range from a short half day class that touches (more…)

The Little Things You Need To Know For Safety

Friday, July 15th, 2011

Scuba diving can be a great recreational activity that stimulates the mind and exercises the body, but scuba diving can also be dangerous. There are several little things about safety a person should know before diving.
During diving, a condition called nitrogen narcosis can affect the diver; it can cause the diver to feel drunk, altering the ability of the diver to make decisions or causing mood changes. Staying in shallow water can keep a diver from experiencing nitrogen narcosis.
When going up from (more…)

SCUBA Diving What You Don’t Know Can Hurt

Tuesday, July 12th, 2011

Scuba diving can be a very fun, exciting and interesting experience no matter what the skill level of the diver may be.

Some types of diving such as cave diving or shark diving can be much more exciting when compared to just normal scuba diving in areas that basic like site seeing for the coral reefs or underwater inhabitants.

However, not knowing how to use diving equipment correctly can be dangerous and ruin the experience and fun of the dive.The whole story can be found at

The idea of using a shark cage is one (more…)